First Wikibase Lexical Data Workshop (wikibase-lex)

What is Wikibase?

Wikibase, an extension of MediaWiki, a free and open source software suite, is a platform for collaboratively editing Linked Data. It features a graphical interface for exhibiting, editing, and querying of datasets modeled in accordance to the Semantic Web and the FAIR principles. Wikibase is the software underlying Wikidata. As does Wikidata, a Wikibase instance includes a default model for the representation of lexical data (Wikibase Lexemes), which is based on OntoLex, the W3C-recommended model for lexical data.

Wikibase as lexical database

For dictionary and dictionary digitisation projects that aim at producing Linguistic Linked Open Data, a workflow involving Wikibase is interesting for a range of reasons. We will discuss these, and present a number of use cases. This workshop targets Wikibase users as well as the lexicographic community in general, and, more specificly, researchers involved in projects about the representation of lexical data as Linked Data.

Call for participation

Are you contributing to Wikidata Lexemes? Are you using Wikibase for the representation of lexical data? Or do you want to learn how to do that?

Registration for the workshop is free. The workshop will be an in-person event. Presentations will be recorded and made available online afterwards. Short presentations of usecases may be pre-recorded and included in the published video proceedings. Please register for the workshop using the LDK conference registration system. If you would like to present, please contact us (see mail address on the left).


The workshop is a pre-conference event of LDK2023. It will be held on September 13, 14:00 to 18:00, at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna (see conference programme).

Preliminary Programme

  • Wikidata and Wikibase (Introductory speech, David Lindemann, confirmed)
    • History
    • Data model, concerning lexical data (wikibase ontology, Ontolex)
    • Features of the software
    • Related tools, e.g. for data import and export
    • Community
  • Use case presentations
  • Invited Speaker: Lydia Pintscher (Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikidata, confirmed)
  • Wrap-up, round table discussion: Towards guidelines and best practices for lexical data on Wikibase

(More use cases are expected to be contributed by the participants, and those are invited to prepare lightning speeches about their projects. The time allocated to the use cases listed above may be updated accordingly)

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Wikibase-Lex, a Nexus Linguarum action


This workshop is organised in the framework of Nexus Linguarum COST action.


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